The key to my overall understanding of the Zodiac:

Wheat planting times for Turkey

I received a message about the truth in the stars, and I had computers and easy access to knowledge at my fingertips twenty-four hours a day to help me understand. Just twenty-five years ago, I would not have had such instantaneous access to so much information from so many different sources, and without this information, I could not have figured this out. Initially, I was skeptical of the information the stars provided through my dreams. But after ​researching and discovering that stars aligned perfectly ​with Babylon, Ur, and other Mesopotamian sites about 11,000 years ago, I became a believer in their significance and value to humankind. When I discovered Turkey’s crop calendar, it all fell into place.

Why was the crop calendar for Turkey so instrumental in my understanding of the Fertility Wheel? It unveiled the need for the two cow/bull/ox signs, one in March-April and the second in October-November. At that point, it all locked into place for me.

Without a few people’s encouragement to keep learning, I would have never understood the Fertility Wheel, which led to many other discoveries. I have several wonderful people behind me from all different backgrounds. One of my close friends who inspired me to keep studying is, in fact, Muslim. I want to convey gratitude and show their culture, people, and history the honor and respect they deserve. 

In my visions, I was repeatedly instructed that the paramount responsibility of a person is to guarantee that others have enough to eat. I was shown how to create an ancient farmers’ almanac. The knowledge it provides may help future generations of my new friends in the Fertile Crescent and, hopefully, many other locations around the world.

It is necessary for all individuals who can work in the fields to help produce food for the community to do so. When the soil needs to be cultivated, and seeds need to be sown to produce food successfully for the community, everyone can help and do their part for the betterment of all.

Wheat and barley were staple grains for all budding civilizations. There are a specific few months, or roughly 4 to 5 months, to till and sow wheat and barley. These grains were highly significant because they guaranteed the nourishment and sustenance of the entire community for a whole year. There needed to be no conflicts or wars during this period, and everyone had to work together to ensure the community had sufficient food. Turkey’s crop calendar provides a valuable reference for the appropriate planting times of wheat, barley, and other grains during this period.

*This chart is used with the permission of The USDA Foreign Agricultural Service.  

From approximately January 21st to April 21st, these three months are when to plant wheat, oats, and corn. ​Once the earth is no longer frozen, it’s time to till, so you are ready for the great seeding in late January. Then, in March, you begin to plant wheat as much as possible. These months or dates are significant because they mark ​when the land should be plowed and when crops should be sown to ensure a successful harvest. 

From roughly September 21st to October 21st, it is the time to plant winter wheat, rye, and barley. You may be able to sow seeds in November if the weather permits.

Winter, or December 21st to January 21st, was the time to conserve food or fast while no new food from agriculture was produced. We should acknowledge the importance of ​conserving and ​​preserving food during these times of scarcity, which can lead to famine. When plants are not producing food during these periods, it’s critical to ensure the survival of yourself, your community, and your livestock. The failure to do so could have led to desperate individuals committing crimes or going to war for food. You must be able to meet the basic food needs of the people ​to build a better future. 

Summertime or after the harvest is the time to feast.  It was (and still is) a wonderful time to enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables of the season and save the seeds so they can be planted next year and grow more.

These dates and times are fixed, like tropical and Fertility Wheel astrology.  (If you haven’t yet watched my videos on, consider watching them now so this all makes sense.) You will always be planting wheat at the start of the equinoxes. Enjoy the feasting with a new bounty of fruits and vegetables after the harvest, usually near the summer solstice.  A community should fast or conserve food and water around the winter solstice and should continue to conserve resources until additional food is available or you are needed for labor on the fields. By understanding the wheel, you will know the best times to breed your animals and provide the community with another food source, as well as wool and milk. These dates do not change.

The stars have always guided us, and they will in the future – here is how you can use them and align them to your area. This simple path can be a guide for future generations to understand nature’s rhythms. I want to share this information, but I need your help.

I will share how I would have done it 2,000 years ago and then how I would do it now. I hope one of these allows you to see how precession works. 

Here is what I would have said long ago.

Dear friends,

I’d like to emphasize the profound meaning carried by these astrological signs, but it’s crucial that we adjust our understanding to align with the solstices and equinoxes. The 12 tribal representations remain at the core and are so important, but we must acknowledge that the celestial patterns above have shifted. I would like to share the knowledge and reason with the people in the East for two different interpretations. Without the stars to guide them properly, they may be lost and not see what I see. What is above should represent what is below.

Our mission is to convey to the world how Naphtali was symbolized in the skies at the creation of these symbols a long time ago. Then, we will look at the skies about 2,000 years ago and today to see how the stars have changed. 

When the Fertility Wheel/ Zodiac was created, the stars above mirrored the deer, sheep, and goats during the rutting season after the Autumn equinox. However, due to the natural precession and the passage of centuries, if you were to look up during the rut at 0 B.C.E, you’d witness the Virgo constellation above. Fast-forward 2,000 years to our current era, and people would see the sign of the cow, formerly known as the scales. 

Over time, the celestial arrangement has evolved, rendering the old interpretations outdated. We must adapt to this processional shift and impart the knowledge of how it transforms for future generations.

We must teach that the stars will change for people over time, but the solstice and equinoxes are the aligning points. We must tell them how important those lines are and how to align the wheel.

Even if our friends from the past grasped this concept, knew how important it was to share and shared it with diligence, meticulously chronicling it in their books, they wouldn’t have the same advantage I do today – the ability to instantly share it with the world.

Or more importantly, teach the world how to use it and help the next generation. Ephraim and the bull for both would be important, and it shows a representation of wheat and agriculture in the pictures and depictions. You can even use Manasseh to have a better understanding of planting crops, which would help them in the future. Consider the breastplate was the representation the church used in the symbolism, probably for taxes, control of crops, and maybe more. If we instead use the large bovine animal removed at some point in history, there should be two cattle-type animals for wheat planting. 

I keep having these strange Deja vu moments, and this is yet another.

Now, I will do it for modern times.

Each region must calibrate the solstices, equinoxes, and thus the signs to understand the stars. 

The sheep, goats, and deer are always just after the fall equinox. That is it!

I see it perfectly here in South Dakota. Populations as little as 15 degrees longitude away from me or any other part of the world will not see the signs as I do, and it will not make sense to them. People must be taught how to align the wheel with the solstices and equinoxes. The sun and stars will show the times of the seasons, the essential days year after year. The 12 constellations representing sheep and horses will be different in divergent places worldwide.

The stars and symbols can only be accurate in a small area of the world, so the stars themselves do not have the symbols; the stars you see after the solstices and equinoxes are the ones you need to calibrate to your own area, and they will or should have different meanings depending on where you live in the world. Please know how to align your stars properly.

Understand the sun and its position in the sky, and you will know the best months to multiply your animals. A wise man knows how and when to multiply his animals and repeats it year after year. This knowledge is a source of life for everyone who understands this guide. The exact order of the animals and the tasks needed every month to keep a community alive is essential. Once you have aligned the symbols and the season, you can call the stars whatever names you desire, knowing your descendants may need this for a guide at some time.

I initially hesitated to make any announcement because I feared the consequences​. I believe that by sharing this information, I can help ​ensure the prosperity of future generations in the Fertile Crescent and beyond by showing them that the Fertility Wheel is not for divining but to guide farming practices. I wanted to put references to past events to enlighten their true meaning for future generations. 

The ​noble books of wisdom repeatedly emphasize the importance of seeking knowledge. I hope everyone understands I am also seeking knowledge and hopefully sharing knowledge. It will all be worth it if I can give people the key to the Fertility Wheel and help their future farming.

Learn and teach a story or rhyme to remember the animals’ order and the associated seasons, much like how we teach people a story or important ideas with a song.

If a person received ​a ​divine revelation that the truth is in the signs in the skies, they would need the characters in the heavens to be named correctly and have meaning for their location.  

For the Fertility Wheel to be accurate for everyone, each region worldwide needs to calibrate to their longitude or to which constellations appear for their seasonal guidance. For example, the wheel starts on the spring equinox in the northern hemisphere when at longitude 115º. The constellation that rises after sunset when five stars become visible is the cow or bull. 

Depending on where you are, every 30-degree longitude is a different constellation or symbol, making it extremely important for every location to set its wheel accordingly.

Only people at my longitude or near California and Nevada can accurately understand the Fertility Wheel as it is now because the stars on the horizon are perfect here and will remain that way for a few hundred years, slowly moving farther west.

The Fertility Wheel will not help people on the other side of the earth unless you calibrate it and understand it. Teach your children to know the messages based on the times of the equinoxes or solstices, or the message could be lost for another 11,000 years.

People worldwide must reset their fertility wheel or “clock” and have the stars renamed or give them stories to have meaning again​​ so their children will know how to survive using the Fertility Wheel. 

The survivors of the next great cataclysm must match the constellations with the appropriate season to know when to multiply animals and understand sowing seasons, especially if a great amount of time has passed. The beginning of spring is always the cow/bull symbol. 

Because the Zodiac was forbidden in certain cultures, learning representations or myths of the stars visible in the night sky should be easy with an open mind. At the Autumn equinox, no matter where you live, when five stars first become visible in the evening sky, look on the eastern horizon, and the constellation that arises is the constellation that equates to represent sheep, goats and deer and the time of the rut. 

​You can also use the time of the winter solstice and notice the constellation on the eastern horizon when five stars become first visible in the sky, which should represent crabs, a food when no other food may be found. You will not see the constellation until it gets darker. I always enjoy Sirius in December.

Therefore, ​I am asking you and everyone ​worldwide to reset the Fertility Wheel to ​your specific location. Once you set the Fertility Wheel, it will stay at the same degree for about 72 years. You can adjust over centuries.

Maybe these are the signs you have been patiently waiting for. Please think of this new tool as a gift to you from the universe. These are the literal signs from the heavens on how to guide humanity; do what you want with that information.

For many years, I have had recurring dreams in which I am often imparting knowledge of the heavens and skills of farming and agriculture at what seems to be different points in time and as different people. This presentation and this life could also be a dream because I am doing it again right now, sharing the same information. It sometimes feels like I am caught in the strangest Deja vu. I am not a farmer or have had any real farming experience in this life, but I find myself again trying to impart farming knowledge.

I keep talking about seasonal breeders, from making X’s and Y’s in caves a long time ago to charting the mating season of certain animals I observed. 

I aspire to sow seeds by hand in southern Turkey and other regions of the Fertile Crescent into India. Additionally, if allowed, I long to see many of the sacred sites from the Fertile Crescent to India. I would love to go to Petra, Egypt, and many other places, and I want to spend my time going to different sacred spots and observing.

I would love to visit and see the ultra-modern buildings, and most often ancient sites on other days. 

I do all this with love,

Thank you for your time,

My name is Stephen D. Manning

But feel free to call me any name you like. I feel a “New everything” is coming soon.