Sign & Elements

Initially, I hadn't planned on discussing the signs and elements until it struck me that water wasn't assigned as a water sign. Take a moment to ponder that. I am confident that the water sign should include crabs and fish; they should indeed be water signs. Similarly, the Bull, Cow, and Ram signs naturally align with Earth signs. They fertilize the soil and eat the plants on Earth. They should definitely be earth signs, at least to me. Now, onto the more challenging aspect: the remaining six signs, which appear to correlate with fire signs. Contemplate a Fire-woman – it fits. And the notion of a lion or horse as fire signs carries a dramatic flair that I find appealing. These selections make for compelling fire signs. That leaves us with the domain of air signs. Let's work with what's remaining. Scorpions and Lizards could assume the role of air signs. The placement of newborns then falls to the element of air, the sole option available. Personally, I'd consider bypassing air and instead designate wood as the final sign. My rationale for this centers on its functionality. Wood offers the capacity to craft tools and utilities beneficial for every aspect of life. Wood made the tools that kept people alive and gave them hope. In ancient times, wood served as the primary material for many items. I see wood as an ideal fit for Scorpions and Lizards; it can provide shelter and shade through bark and trees. It can be used to help any household. Additionally, wood's versatility extends to tasks such as tilling the earth, fueling fires, and managing water. Consequently, wood emerges as a pivotal element for fabricating tools and essentials for everyday life. If air held substantial significance to people, we would prioritize safeguarding it, along with water, from pollution. The suggestion of reducing our ecological impact earns me criticism, yet I remain unswayed. Effecting global change necessitates collective action, which can be challenging. I have made a new list of the animals and the four elements. Four elements, as I think they should be.





Currently, they are known as: