Meaning of the 8-pointed star from an agricultural point of view and another meaning from a celestial point of view

Here are the seasonal correspondences for each point of the 8-star symbol. Every beginning has an end; here is a great way to understand the principle. 

There are two uses for the eight sides star: agricultural timing, understanding the lunar phases, and when to plant. At one time, we were all farmers. This shows the clear start and end times for the most important tasks that lie ahead each year. These aspects were highly vital for ancient farmers, and it is crucial to honor this heritage.


For all people, here is a suggested incorporation for your eight-pointed star symbol. Remember that every beginning has an end; this wisdom has been passed down to you. The equinoxes, solstices, and other points show you when to start or end your duties or tasks on the farm.

Here are your eight points and what they represent: Starting and ending tasks.


While the Sun holds immense power and sustains life on Earth, and some feel it was the first deity, it is not petitioned for favors. Though it provides warmth and nourishment, it does not respond to prayers or offerings. Acknowledging and appreciating the Sun’s role in our lives without attributing divine qualities to it is important.

Ancient stories, including those involving disciples or gods, often hold symbolic representations of the fertility of animals and plants, aligning with concepts similar to the Fertility Wheel. These stories offer relatable insights into the cycles of fertility. For instance, the story of Noah gathering two of every living creature before the flood can be compared to farming practices after a destructive event, emphasizing the resilience and renewal of life.

The lunar cycle consists of eight primary phases, also corresponding to the eight points of the star, and as follows:

These eight stages of the lunar cycle repeat in a continuous cycle, with each phase lasting approximately 7.4 days, resulting in a complete lunar month.

Every ending transforms into a beginning.