I wrote a book of my findings

Discover how the book “Fertility Wheel” reveals the zodiac symbols as simplified pictograms, each embodying the fundamental elements of fertility, farming, agriculture, and survival. These symbols summarize the core aspects of multiplying animals, cultivating crops, and understanding seasonal cycles and dangers in ancient times. This NEW reinterpretation promises a unique and grounded perspective, bridging the celestial with the essential facets of earthly survival and agricultural traditions.

I was able to seamlessly intertwine agriculture, religion, mythology, astronomy, history, and spirituality, creating a comprehensive yet accessible book.

Prepare for a paradigm shift as you will be introduced to a fresh viewpoint that could revolutionize your understanding of zodiac symbols. This book will showcase how, when properly aligned, the zodiac undergoes a metamorphosis into a timeless oracle of farming, a Fertility Wheel, or an agricultural almanac. This wheel or tool might have guided humanity for millennia until its use became misaligned and faded into fortune-telling. As we explore the contents of these pages, you’ll gain insights into the workings of the Fertility Wheel and how its principles can be applied.

This profound transformation occurs when aligning zodiac symbols with the Sun, turning them from mere signs into a practical agricultural almanac. Uncover a guide or tool meticulously crafted to understand the timing of basic farming principles. This tool is for ancient farmers, nomads, or shepherds.

Departing from traditional astrological norms, I pioneered Fertility Wheel Astrology to serve as an agricultural almanac. Drawing inspiration from ancient symbols and celestial bodies, I decoded a unique system that offers invaluable insights into optimal farming practices. The Fertility Wheel, highlighted in my research, serves as a perpetual guide for farmers, aligning with the Earth’s natural cycles rather than predicting individual destinies. My NEW astrology is based on agricultural narratives, shedding light on ancient wisdom so that others will understand basic farming methods.

Explore the agricultural elements embedded in ancient art and narratives. This book introduces a NEW perspective on the Chinese zodiac, transforming it into a fertility wheel with a redefined order of animals. As you explore these pages, a new understanding will emerge—the tools in the hands of Hindu deities possess agricultural and seasonal relevance, portraying them not merely as weapons but as symbols and implements for tending to the land. Stephen draws connections between the descriptions of trees and Adam, providing insightful viewpoints on the representation of agriculture in diverse ancient books and religions.

Throughout this book, prepare to have your perceptions and interpretations of ancient texts and pictograms thoroughly challenged.  Embark on a transformative journey through the pages of this book as it challenges and reshapes your understanding of ancient texts and pictograms.

As we explore, the widespread appearance of zodiac signs makes us ponder if they hold more significance than just predicting fate or horoscopes. This exploration aims to go beyond the surface, searching for the real meaning of these symbols. 

As we turn the pages, it’s like lifting a veil, exposing the genuine nature of these symbols. Farming is one of the most important aspects of survival. Get ready to unravel the secrets of ancient symbols as we question, contemplate, and discover their profound impact on diverse cultures.

I’ve accomplished the seemingly impossible with computers, crop calendars, and basic farming knowledge, ensuring that my book is a unique creation with new ideas and revelations. My work is rooted in real, tangible information derived from genuine efforts. It’s crucial to me that the world recognizes that I, and I alone, have crafted this exceptional piece of work, and my message must not be altered.

Warm regards,

Stephen David Manning

Member of the American Philosophical Association